Eclectic Music Company strikes again!

No one does weird ambient sounds quite like the folks running Eclectic Music Company. We don't give them enough credit for that on this blog. But they're probably too "underground" to care anyway, so I think it evens out. But once a month, inside the dark reaches of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, swells of synthesizer bliss, dissonant guitar and mechanical-sounding V-drums rattle the art on the walls.

Putting together a string of avant garde noise rock acts from OC and beyond is a concept that has kept EMC a relevant outlet of expression in the local music scene. If you don't betta' ask somebody.

Saturday, Mar. 28, EMC offers another installment of the series with a few fairly recognizable names in the mix. The six act line-up includes Christiaan Cruz, Comprachicos, Moon Pearl, Combat! (who I just witnessed at The Crosby last month...muy bien) and Deathday Party. Last but not least is Bob Bruno, the bunny suit-wearing sonic extraordinaire who's performed with his cotton tail and V-drum kit behind everyone from Fiona Apple to Sleepytime Guerrilla Museum. He's even recorded other hipster faves like Mika Miko and Magic Lantern.

Confused still? check out Bruno's act/interview for yourself in the video below. I guarantee your mind is not playing tricks on you. by the way, the show this weekend is FREE and starts at 8 p.m. for more deets, check here!


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