The entire world is a stage, and behind every curtain is music! For Orange County, Abstract Workshop's curtain has been drawn back for almost a decade, revealing wax, turntables and microphones.

The old adage "with age comes wisdom" often holds true, but for Abstract Workshop, with age comes music, more music and even more great music! As if a Saturday night itself isn't reason enough to keep company at the Detroit Bar, this weekend, Abstract Workshop celebrates its nine-year anniversary by blending soul-seducing Detroit goodness with some (562) lyrical talents, as both Slum Village and Johnson & Jonson share space under one roof!

The quartet behind Abstract Workshop has been body-rocking heads with ripe selections since 1998. Routinely introducing unknown acts, it's the most enduring independent hip-hop gathering this side of town.

And just to make sure everyone is well-entertained, there will be a live art installation by Brez, Lerks and the ever-present Dumper Foo. In addition to the squadron mixing it up, special guest DJs Hyder, Organic, Steelman, Shmuck, and Kay will do hand tricks in two rooms. So come, throw your hands in the air, and give Abstract Workshop some love. If not for the music, then you can always sip, people-watch and brag about it later to folks who missed the party. Nine years, baby!

Abstract Workshop Anniversary Party with Slum Village at Detroit Bar, 843 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa, (949) 642-0600; www.detroitbar.com. Sat. Call for time. $15.


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