Dubtroit at the Detroit Bar
Dubtroit at the Detroit Bar
Keith May

Dubtroit Moves to the Galaxy Theatre from Detroit Bar; Here's Why

Last week we found out that Dubtroit--run by DJ teaLong, Drew Best (who runs SMOG), 12th Planet, and Danny Johnson (who runs media contender and is a part of SMOG as well) is moving to the Galaxy Theatre, now run by former Detroit Bar partner Jon Reiser.

Of course, once we found out, we asked the Dubtroit guys why they're moving. Best explained, "For over two years now we've had a great run at the Detroit Bar. Part of what made it such a great experience was working with the Detroit Bar team. When Jon Reiser told us he had sold the Detroit Bar to take on the Galaxy Theater, we knew immediately what was possible."

Danny Johnson says the move was prompted by wanting to grow the night: "We've always wanted to offer our supporters more in the form of sound and environment, something we could grow into as things picked up without having to use multiple venues and split our crowd up." And while the Dubtroit crew always thought the Galaxy had serious potential, it "was never really managed properly or kept up to our standards," Johnson said.

Apparently, says Reiser's vision includes turning the venue into "The Observatory." The Dubtroit guys are going to take the night to a new, smaller spot inside Galaxy Theatre called the Constellation Room, which features a separate entrance to the building and will act as it's own club within the former Galaxy Theater.

Under new management, the Galaxy Theatre has a new stage and a full line array sound system ("will make our last system look like a boombox")--something Best says they've always dreamed they could have in place for Dubtroit. "We will still be in Costa Mesa, so the location change is not too drastic, but we know the larger dance floor and improvement to the audio will make the party go off the hook!" he says. Without strip mall neighbors, there won't be sound limitations at the new venue either.

Dubtroit launches on Sept. 27 in the brand new Constellation Room, and they plan to hold bigger events with internationally known dubstar artists. How will the new space will make a difference to the night? Johnson says, "The idea is to control the quality as much as possible. From the sound, to the decor to the staff and management. It all plays a part in creating an environment that will maintain the trust we have built and keep our supporters loyal and coming back for more."


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