Dubtroit: An international, bi-coastal affair at Detroit Bar

Dubtroit: An international, bi-coastal affair at Detroit Bar

Monthly DJ nights are a dime a dozen in Southern California. But finding the good ones is another story. Luckily one residency that hasn't lost it's step is Dubtroit, a bombastic alter island-inspired beats courtesy of Detroit Bar.

But lip-service aside, its status is constantly being proven by the song selectors and dubstep enthusiasts who come faithfully every month to dance and sweat in the dark. Not to mention the fact that they pull talent from far and wide.

Case and point: tonight's newest installment presents the heavy beats and thick waves produced from across the pond by UK Dub/drum and bass artist Sukh Knight, currently on True Tiger and Nasha Records. Dubtroit also roped in some East coast talent, specifically, NYC/Boston duo Incyde and Pandai, both of which have a time tested residency at NYC's Dubwar residency.

A then there's the local talent. Which is not to say the DJs Tea Long and Steady, couldn't get a dance floor going wherever they happen to be spinning that night. Long, who is one half of electro/hip hop DJ crew Colossal KNXN (read about the here) has been rocking Dubtroit alongside Steady, his L.A. comrade, for quite a while and knows exactly how to incite an OC crowd.

But what does all this hype really amount to? Let's skip back to what I said in the lead. A good monthly night. In Orange County, a good FREE Dubstep monthly is even harder, maybe impossible if it weren't for clubs like this.


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