Doug Benson Brings His Potty Mouth to The Galaxy Theatre

Doug Benson Brings His Potty Mouth to The Galaxy Theatre

Doug Benson moves pretty quickly for a pot smoker. Releasing his newest album Potty Mouth on August 30 (recorded live in Sacramento), Doug's drive seems unstoppable. You can hear him on his hit podcast "Doug Loves Movies" but you can see him live this Sunday at The Galaxy Theatre with The Benson Interruption. With multiple comics making appearances, all eyes will be on Doug (even if those eyes are at half-mast).

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Do you think your comedy has changed over the years?

Doug Benson: My first stand-up performance ever included prop comedy, now all my shows include some pot comedy. So, I'd have to say yes!

Yes, slightly. You rule the podcast world, but do you think that the internet will one day be the demise of live comedy?

No, just like movies, people will always enjoy seeing live comedy with other people. It's great to have a laugh by yourself in your cubicle when you're supposed to be working, but the internet can never replace the experience of laughing in a group.

I'm sure it's hard to pinpoint but, who's been your favorite guest on your podcast?

Gotta go with John Lithgow. I chased him for a long time, and when he finally came on, he delivered. And he didn't murder anyone in a bathtub, like he did on Dexter. So that was nice of him.

Yeah, he did "kill" it on Dexter! So you're known for loving movies...any upcoming suggestions for us that are "can't miss flicks?"

I haven't seen much that isn't out yet, but the films I've most enjoyed this year were super, Super 8, and a few movies that didn't have the word super in the title, like Attack The Block and Bridesmaids.

What can people expect on your fourth album, Potty Mouth?

Dirty jokes and weed humor. Hence the title.

You kind of have a potty mouth, have you ever had your mouth washed out with soap?

Never. My parents were pretty cool. They didn't even make me eat my vegetables.

Wow, that's lucky. Speaking of wow, how did it come to be that you got your own day, "Doug Benson Day" in Oklahoma?

I was doing a show in Oklahoma City, and the Governor of Oklahoma gets to name 12 days a year in honor of a celebrity or distinguished individual, so I got a day. I think fellow comedian Paul F. Tompkins got a day there a few months later.

Are you aware there is somewhat of an imposter of you on Twitter named @DugBenson? Do you take that as a compliment or an insult when people do things like that?

I guess it's a compliment. My first internet screen name was a word Jason Mewes says in some Kevin Smith movies. I hope they weren't insulted by that.

Let's get to the green. Indica or Sativa and, are you growing your own at this point?

Sativa and maybe.

With marijuana use becoming a touch more accepted, is there a possibility of a weed-centric sitcom in your future?

I don't see that going down anytime soon. But if you could make it happen, I'd appreciate it.

I'll put in a favor, anything for you. Give us the scoop, who are these "guests" that are you bringing to The Galaxy Theatre with on Sunday?

The secret kind. I try not to say who my guests are gonna be, because I like to surprise the audience. But I will say that three of my four guests have been on my podcast before, and that I have been on theirs.

You travel so much, what new music are you listening to?

My latest musical obsession is the soundtrack from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I love movies, you know.

So I've heard. Any parting words regarding Amy Winehouse?

I wrote some jokes for the MTV Movie Awards the year she was on, and enjoyed watching her rehearse, and watching her make a sandwich at the catering table. There was something sexy about her, even though she was very skinny and barely awake.

Get your tickets now to see Doug Benson in The Benson Interruption at The Galaxy Theatre this Sunday, 8 p.m. You can also follow Doug on Twitter at @DougBenson and make sure you pick up his new CD Potty Mouth on August 30! The Galaxy Theatre is located at 3503 S Harbor Blvd in Santa Ana.


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