Double Booked: Floating Action and Generationals

Double Booked: Floating Action and Generationals

Pulling off two shows in one day can be a real bitch. But I guess when you're on a label called Park the Van Records, you gotta be ready to move at any given time, which ends up being a good deal for all you Floating Action/Generationals fans out there. Tomorrow night, both bands are criss-crossing between OC and LB in support of recently released records.

If you're looking for a toned-down intimate, Free-of -charge kinda vibe, may I suggest leaving work early and getting yourself down to Fingerprints Record Store in Long Beach for yet another In-store performance. Seth Kauffman, Floating Action's (pictured) acoustic-strumming brain child, er, man, is performing songs from his latest album Floating Version, with plenty of his well-regarded island-tinged folk. Then there's Louisiana based duo Generationals, who evoke a fresh indie pop sound flushed with keyboards and tambourines, especially on their latest album Con Law. The show is supposed to start at 7p.m.

What's that, can't make the 7p.m. gig? Still want to see these bands? Well scoot on over to Detroit Bar and catch them a couple hours later at 9p.m. on their headlining tour with Golden Boots and Eagle Winged Palace. However, this one's gonna cost you $10. But hey, after scrambling across the county to play for you, they deserve a little cash for gas right?

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