Does The Matador Measure Up?

Does The Matador Measure Up?

So it's been a week already, and there's a good chance that all of Fullerton's downtown drunkards and club hoppers have seen the neon glow of The Matador Cantina, filling a sorely needed area of signage where the Rockin' Taco Cantina used to be. Ah, it seemed like only yesterday that I was skipping past this crowded bar filled with karaoke craziness, asinine top 40 jams and benches filled with soused maidens of the night trying desperately not to puke on themselves. Oh, the memories.

Since opening their doors on the first week of April, The Matador has taken the reigns on the corner of Harbor Blvd. and Amerige Ave. I've even walked by it a few times to see that the place had a healthy amount of traffic last weekend. Although so far all the windows are covered so you have to really peek in to get the low down on all the action. For all intents and purposes, it sounded like things hadn't changed much from the outside as the bar crowd strolled in and a breath of bass bumping OC night club culture exhaled into the street. Now that I've passed it a couple times and taken a look at their website, which looks pretty classy be the way, I plan on going inside and taking a look in the next couple days or so. But to all of you who couldn't wait to try out Fullerton's newest bar, what did you think? Is this place a big turn around from Rockin' Taco? Does this place have what it takes to draw it's share of gorgeous, binge drinking clientele? Were you too drunk to notice?

If nothing else, I'll be sure to give their spin on "traditional and contemporary" Mexican cuisine a try. Anyone with a first hand perspective of this place, please start spouting off now!

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