Dntel: On Postal Service, Bjork, Male vs. Female Vocalists and Touring for the First Time

Dntel: On Postal Service, Bjork, Male vs. Female Vocalists and Touring for the First Time

It's not good journalistic form to say certain things about famous people, but I'll confess: James Scott Tamborello, or Dntel of Postal Service fame, is a pretty odd dude to chat with (only further hamstringed by my own awkwardness).
Luckily, in Dntel's case, his music speaks for itself--the electro-artist's expansive music career boasts a discography spanning back to the late '90s and a long list of collaborators that includes Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard. Despite the impressive list of accomplishments, this is the artist's first ever tour--and it hits Detroit Bar (with One AM Radio and Geotic) tonight. Our chat with the artist is after the jump.

OC Weekly: I saw that you posted about Bjork's new track "Cosmogony" on Twitter. You're a Bjork fan? Any plans to remix her?
James Tamborello:
I don't really do that sort of thing. But, this actually came up in a recent interview ... when I was doing the first Dntel album, Life is Full of Possibilities, I wrote to Bjork a some point to try to get a CD to her, but I don't know if she ever got it.

That sucks. Well, how about the Enya remixes? What was the motivation behind releasing those?
Well, I listened to her a little in high school and I didn't really hear her music until last summer. And I started picking songs off her records and I liked the idea of focusing on little parts of the song I liked the best and playing them over and over again.

Do you generally prefer female vocalists or male vocalists?

Um...I tend to like ... I guess I like ...male vocalists that have higher pitched voices? It sort of appeals to me because I have a deep voice. So, you know, whatever I don't sound like.

How did the tour with One AM Radio come about?
We were both thinking to tour, and I guess we all got together and decided to do it, all three of us [with Geotic], at once. We've worked out two of the older songs they're [One AM Radio] going to sing.

What can fans expect at this tour? Anything new and exciting?

Oh, there is one kind of interesting thing -- we made a tour EP, it has like the three of our bands remixing each other and playing each other's stuff.  It's a six-song EP where people who come to the show will get a copy. I'm excited

Have you come up with a setlist already?
Yeah, with six alternate songs I'm going to switch in sometimes. It's a mixture of--well, there's probably more of a focus on Life is Full of Possibilities. I wanted to play more of the old songs--play them one more time and be done.

What's exciting and interesting to you right now?

I guess I've been going more towards instrumental electronic music. It changes every week. I  really like Ramadanman, and I like a lot of things going on in England right now--it sounds really cheesy, but, post-dubstep stuff.

Oh my god. Post-debstep, huh? That sounds ...

Yeah, that'lll make people cringe. It's kinda what's happened after ... dubstep.

I can honestly say I've never listened to that. I've listened to dubstep ... 

It's kinda got a beat that's similar and comes from dubstep, but it's more experimental.

Dntel performs at Detroit Bar tonight, 843 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa, 9 p.m. $12, 21+.


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