Disney's next victim: KING DIAMOND

Well, it's nice to know that someone at the Anaheim House of Blues reads Heard Mentality. How else to explain—after we pointed out in a previous blog post Disney's disgusting hypocrisy over selectively banning some metal shows while allowing others—that they've now gone ahead and scrubbed the gigs we mentioned outright, including the April 27 King Diamond concert, which has now been shifted to the Galaxy Theater?

Won't somebody just walk up to the HOB box office and drop a big, steamy turd there to let them know how you feel about their silly, idiotic new policy? Better: won't somebody from the HOB contact us and let us know the story behind this lunacy instead of playing a childish “no comment” game? I'm at rkane@ocweekly.com, and I'm waiting by my keyboard....


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