Disguster: The Choice is Yours

Disguster: The Choice is Yours

Over at our food blog, Gustavo Arellano (perhaps you've heard of him) rather amusingly skewered the many more unfortunate choices in our recent "Best of OC" readers' poll: Starbucks for best coffee, Chipotle for best burrito. Not so insightful or adventurous, you see, kind of the equivalent of giving Titanic "best movie about a boat sinking" or scrambled "best way to prepare an egg." Yawn.

Of course, there were reader picks for music and culture categories, as well. But unlike Gustavo, we're more than willing to give our readers benefit of the doubt--these are highly subjective matters, after all, and we're no more experts than anyone else is, except we're more likely to be at local shows struggling desperately to look cool.

Which is why we're pleasantly surprised, and intrigued, by the readers' choice for best live band: Disguster. We don't really know them. At all. (Our pick was the New Limb, who seem pretty radically different from Disguster, musically, at least.) The band's been around for a while, even though we haven't even written much of substance about Disguster March 2005, practically a different world back then for all intents and purposes. (Since then Kangaroos have come back to prominence, for instance.)

On one hand, given the dozens of great local bands I've written about the past year, it seems like kind of a slight to the many I've been pushing incessantly--"nah, those guys stink, Alb." On the other hand it's kind of a cool, "hey, fuck you, I'm going to vote for who I want to vote for, man," message that people at large are more fiercely independent than the the fact that they chose Denny's for "best late-night dining" may indicate.

So we're all ready to give Disguster a chance. Bring on the live show that the people of Orange County demanded we celebrate! Whoops, one problem. The last D-guster show in our area was at Alex's Bar in Long Beach in September 18; the last one total was September 25 in LA. No more are currently scheduled. So we'll be waiting a little bit more. Still, we're prepped: as noted earlier today in the blog, the New Limb are playing a free show tonight at the Memphis in Santa Ana, so we're ready to show off our pick. Hopefully we'll soon see yours.

Any other bands/venues/acts/genres that are under-represented in the Weekly but you'd like to see more of/learn more about? His us up on these fine comments here.


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