Dirty Heads to Play Catalina
John Gilhooley/OC Weekly

Dirty Heads to Play Catalina

Catalina Island is about to get a boost in its entertainment options via a musical performance from Huntington Beach stoner crew the Dirty Heads. The band will be playing July 29 at the Decanso Beach Club courtesy of the Santa Catalina Island Company who hooked up with local promoter Ashley Eckenweiler to help bring big name talent to the island outpost.

Eckenweiler is known to many local musicians  as the co-director of the annual Orange County Music Awards.  She explains the SCICo wanted to ramp up efforts to renew the island's reputation as an entertainment destination. It now intends to offer performances from quality artists such as Dick Dale and Tyrone Wells  in one of three island venues: The Decanso Beach Club, The Catalina Country Club and the Avalon Casino.  Dick Dale holds a special place in island history after performing at the casino when it first reopened after rennovations 20 years ago.

"(In the summer) you're looking at up to 10,000 people on island with few options for entertainment at night. We wanted to provide entertainment for people already on the island," she said.

This doesn't bar non-island dwellers from attending, as they can purchase a ticket  for $70 which will provide a round-trip boat ride as well as entrance to the event. "We're going to have a DJ on the boat and a party atmosphere,"explains Eckenweiler.

Other promoters involved with this effort include Fulerton's own Steamer's Jazz cafe and Koffeehouse Music who  have both corraled musicians for ongoing series offering Latin Jazz and unplugged music throughout the summer.

As for how the island sheriffs are responding to the idea of having rock bands such as the Dirty Heads perform, Eckenweiler remains confident. "Everyone's been really supportive. There are certain barriers to entry, you really have to make a valiant effort to get out there which eliminates certain problems in itself." She  adds, "We don't want to alientate anyone. We want the families out there to enjoy it. We haven't booked any punk bands yet."

For more ticket prices and event schedule visit http://visitcatalinaisland.com/avalon/Live.php. 


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