Devo Frontman Mark Mothersbaugh Sued For Allegedly Cracking the Whip on His Nanny
Andrew Youssef

Devo Frontman Mark Mothersbaugh Sued For Allegedly Cracking the Whip on His Nanny

Remember when Dr. Evil said, "when a problem comes around, you must zip it?" That's probably what Devo frontman/film composer Mark Mothersbaugh and his wife Anita were thinking after a former nanny went public with a lawsuit against the couple for wrongful termination and for overtime pay in Los Angeles. Maybe it was due to Mothersbaugh cracking that whip too hard, but the lawsuit claims states that Luna Kahn worked for the couple for nine years as a nanny for the couples adopted daughters. Additionally, She also performed housekeeping duties for the family and allegedly would arrive at their house at 6 a.m. and wouldn't leave until 7 p.m. Kahn did this for the family for nine years, and apparently there hadn't been issues until recently.

There's been a number of lawsuits filed like this over the years by disgruntled former family employees and this falls right in line. After all, whenever you're working for a celebrity, c'mon, there will be some kind of risk/reward involved. Yes, Mothersbaugh may have allegedly said she had Alzheimer's, made fun of her age and verbally abused her, but when you're around a celebrity, are you really surprised? Factor in how quirky the members of Devo are musically and personality-wise, well, all bets are off.

Apparently, over the final years of Kahn's employment, Mothersbaugh began berating her, in public. The suit claims he'd call her "stupid, dumb and other demoralizing names'' as well as a "pig" in front of friends, other family employees, and even construction workers. If that's not enough, he also told her that he didn't want his daughters to be a "cow" like Kahn's daughter. How demooooralizing.

The one thing that does go in Kahn's favor is that this doesn't seem too frivolous. She filed the suit in April after returning in March from medical leave and had her hours cut. The singer said if she didn't like her new hours, she could leave. If that's not enough, one of Mothersbaugh's daughters told Kahn that she got the heave-ho because she was "too old to work for us."

Usually, these kind of suits simmer and are nothing more than a quick cash grab that screams settlement. While nothing has yet to be determined in this case, don't be surprised if this problem goes away quietly with an undisclosedt amount of cash changing hands without any backs being broken.

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