Devendra Banhart Hangs Out at In N' Out Post-Observatory Show!
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Devendra Banhart Hangs Out at In N' Out Post-Observatory Show!

Last night at the Observatory, freak folk superstar Devendra Banhart played an excellent set of acoustic wonder to a more than receptive audience, capturing hearts with his Mick Jagger-esque preening on the stage and lilting vocals. And then everybody went home.

But if you happened to be at In N' Out across the street after 11:30pm, then you would have seen Devendra Banhart stroll in with his music entourage in tow. His backing band-including Strokes drummer Fab Moretti, opening act Rodrigo Amarante and fiance Ana Kras were all there, hungry and famished after their performance. Never was I ever happier that I decided to indulge my inner craving for In N' Out than I was at that moment.

Other denizens of the In N' Out were reasonably flipped out, gawking and shooting pics, even going up to him for photographs. Gentle and unassuming Devendra seemed all too polite and granted these requests; it was at that point it dawned on me to take up this chance and go up to him for a photograph myself (hey! I was starving at that moment, and who wants some crazed fan going up to them with bits of In N' Out in their braces?)

As I worked up nerve and presentation, Devendra collected his order of animal-style fries and strolled out the door- out of my life- forever. I lost my chance for a photo opportunity, and people reading this will probably not believe me. And I don't blame them. But photo evidence does exist out there; searching the Instagram tag for #devendrabanhart, you'll find a couple of photos of fans standing next to Banhart at In N' Out among the dozens of photos from the concert.

Let this be a lesson to me; NEVER turn down another opportunity like this, especially if it's a musician or public figure you admire, and NEVER hesitate on it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to dip into my animal style-fries and cry.

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