Death of Jenni Rivera Proves--Again--How Clueless Los Angeles Times and MSM Continue to be About Mexican Anything

Death of Jenni Rivera Proves--Again--How Clueless Los Angeles Times and MSM Continue to be About Mexican Anything

The media requests for me to opine on the death of Mexican regional superstar (and Long Beach) gal Jenni Rivera are already coming in, and I expect them to only increase as the American media trips over themselves to cover the story. After all, I'm America's Mexican, right? I'm more than happy to take them, if only to help the MSM correct their pathetic record on reporting on a mega-superstar that operated in plain sight under a media that, like usual, didn't bother to pay attention while she was alive because she was a Mexican and popular mostly to Mexicans--and they never matter unless you can get a diversity grant to cover them.

Now that she's dead? Look everyone: we cover Mexicans!

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No media outlet is the bigger sinner, however, than the

Los Angeles Times

, the perpetual


when covering Latinos in Southern California. A look through the Proquest archives show that they never did a single full profile on Rivera--not once. The only full stories on her were two--one was

a story on a reality show involving her youngest daughter

. Another--of all things!--

was a real-estate story

on Rivera purchasing a multimillion-dollar estate in


. Before her death, there were only two other shorter stories, both by freelancers: a concert review, and a record review.

Think about it. Southern California's paper of record had their real-estate writer and two freelancers cover one of the biggest Mexican stories in the United States of the past decade. Their music critics did NOTHING. As if to make up for lost time, the Times have published seven stories on Rivera since her yesterday, the epitome of too much, too little, too late. And even in their morning email blast, "Top of the Times," not a single link or mention of their Rivera coverage--SICK SICK SICK!

(And for the Times' folks: I know online archive searches are always imprecise, so please do correct me if I'm wrong)

No one among the MSM big boys is absolved here. NPR? Not a single story on Rivera until she passed away. New York Times? Just a brief mention in a story not involving her. Orange County Register? HA! Even Rivera's hometown paper, the Long Beach Press-Telegram, waited until last year to finally cover the hometown hero.

I gotta get Nexis to truly figure out the paucity of Rivera coverage, but the point remains: for all the racket that the MSM has made about diversity over the past 15 years, they continue to fail--as if we ever expected them to succeed in the first place? Tellingly, on Twitter, Jorge Ramos--anchor for Univisión, and dean of Spanish-language journalism in the United States tweeted yesterday (in Spanish, of course), "The English media doesn't understand the TV coverage in Spanish of the death of [Puerto Rican boxer] Macho Camacho and Jenni Rivera...that's why their ratings fall."

Amen, brother. As for the coverage that they're doing? That's a whole other rant...

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