David Archuleta Star Search Video

For most avid A.I. fans, it seems like only yesterday when a young, slightly pale, 16 year-old David Archuleta came on the scene and sang his way into our hearts. Now a bona fide king of the tweens, Archulta madness still hangs in the air even after his season ended.

But before he was swooning the Idol crowd, this kid was honing his skills as a "soulful little Wayne Newton mini-me". That's actually a pretty accurate description when you check out Archuleta's get up in his 2003 semi finalist performance on Star Search. Damn, that hair? That shirt? Adolescent fashion faux pas aside, watch this cute little tyke blow away host Arsenio Hall with his vicious vocal runs on the Alicia Keys song "Fallin'".

It's hard to believe that this kid was only 12years old in this video. Tomorrow, a bold 18-year-old Archuleta makes his first appearance at The Glass House. Though it seems like a strange venue choice for an A.I. alumni, it might add some weight to his indie rock cred. Well, probably not.


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