Dave Walker

Photo by Jeanne Rice My job at Papa Jon's consists of supervising everything that goes on—inventory, ordering, receiving, making sure that the front end moves correctly, and maintaining the store. I've worked here for three years. I eat a lot healthier now. The downside is the monotony—any place gets monotonous after a few years. I've met a ton of cool people, though. At a health-food store, the customers tend to be people who are environmentally sound and down-to-earth.

A ton of people circulate through this area on Second Street. I was working here one day, and someone had heard through a friend that I played sax, and that's how I got in Calypsoul. I had just moved here from Virginia, and it was the first group I was involved with. I was thankful to Papa Jon's already, but that just made it even better.

I'm looking to do more work with the design company because there's more potential to make the money I need to make so I can concentrate more on music while working less hours. My boss, Peter, who owns the company, is very laid-back. He lets me work at a quicker pace to get things done so I don't have to be there forever doing small odds and ends just to be on the clock. I help him organize and get his filing system together. I'm also learning how to do measurements and take photographs of sites he's doing. I take care of the non-creative side of his job so he can focus his efforts more, so if I can increase his productivity, he'll start making more money and he'll have more work for me. It's not something I want to pursue as a career, but it's a way to make ends meet so I can do what I love.

—As told to Arrissia Owen


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