Tosh.O he was he great...
Tosh.O he was he great...

Daniel Tosh Popped Up at the Irvine Improv Last Night to Rehearse Some Jokes

Despite its rep for being one of the most humorless places in OC, Irvine continues to prove time and time again to be an unlikely Mecca for stand-up comedy. Ok, so it ain't Los Angeles. But when a comic like Daniel Tosh wants to sneak down to the Irvine Improv on a Tuesday to casually try out new material and still finds himself in front of a sold out crowd like he did last night, you know there's something special going on down here. Then again, maybe Tosh's opening line of last night's set sums it up the best:

"I like the size of this room because I can suck and it won't affect my career at all!"

The crowd was packed with everyone from hipsters in flannels and fake glasses (can we pretty please stop this trend now?), chicks with push-up bras no doubt hoping to catch Daniel's eye, and a slew of "cool" parents that all wanted to see the sharp tongued comic in the flesh for one night and one show only. After Matt Fulchiron and Jerrod Carmichael warmed up the audience for the main event (and they were both completely awesome for the record), Tosh hit the stage at the Improv to work out a new set for his upcoming tour. Despite seeming a little scatter brained here and there as he glanced down at a notepad and jumped from one topic to the next, the crowd rarely seemed to notice. He literally could have taken a dump on that stage and they would have eaten it up. Figuratively of course.

Because most of his jokes were completely fresh for his tour, we certainly don't want to ruin his set nor do we want to ruin it for you if you go see him when he comes to a venue in the area. And you should go see him. Seriously. What we will tell you about this night is, his set touched on topics like road rage, relationships, hip-hop culture, why texting and driving is illegal but it's cool to eat and drive while "drunk as fuck," stickers on cars (one of my personal favorite parts of his set), and babies and/or abortions. What I can personally say is that I was honestly wiping tears from my eyes at one point. He was killing it. And those who happened to snap up a last-minute ticket to see Tosh last night were very grateful guinea pigs.

Whenever he hits the road with this act we can only hope he books a longer run right here in Orange County because the taste we got last night was amazing but now, all we want is more.

Get more info about Daniel Tosh on his website and follow him on Twitter: @DanielTosh.

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