DaM FunK makes a damn fine Pitchfork debut

DaM FunK makes a damn fine Pitchfork debut

In this week's music section of The Weekly, many of you got your first taste of the spaced-out beat mechanics of DaM FunK, an L.A. DJ who's made his mark in these parts with his sweaty, late night forays into Fullerton's Continental Room. Combining Prince-era funk, a pinch of disco glam and a whole 'lotta synth, this crate-digging Stone's Throw artist, is increasing his profile everyday, even amongst the hipster literati. Today, Pitchfork  issued FunK a solid "7" rating on his slow-melting, laid back single "Toeachizown" (it's okay, sound it out: "to... each...his ...own") off of his upcoming 5 LP Box Set to be released this October. For more specifics on his story, check Chris Ziegler's article here.

And despite run on sentences, overwrought analysis and SAT vocab that seem to turn Funk's neon, interplanetary grooves into fodder for a rigid grad-school thesis, they actually wrote him a pretty good review (click here for the full review). But one question still lingers in this precious scrap of Pitchfork criticism; how can a song "sound sterile at first glance?"

Ultimately the reviewer tells us that, the art of eccentric 80's dance music isn't for everybody. In fact I was pretty surprised to even see it reviewed on Pitchfork's website, given their allegiance to the indie rock college crowd. And in this realm of highly stingy music aficionados, a "7" ain't too shabby.  But hey, at the end of the day, it's YOUR review of what you see and experience that really matters..."Toeachizown" right? So why not check out Dam Funk for yourself as he makes another trip to The Continental Room tonight along with DJs Billy Goods and Bobby Soul. The show is free and starts around 10 p.m. 

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