Cursive At The Glass House, Feb. 25, 2012
Mary Carreon

Cursive At The Glass House, Feb. 25, 2012


The Glass House

Feb. 25, 2012

One can always tell how fun and lively a show is when entering the Glass House. If the venue is full, the band is rockin' and the crowd is dancing and having a good time the windows get fogged up and drip with condensation. This was how the windows appeared when I arrived at the venue to see Cursive last Saturday night in Pomona. In promotion of their new album I Am Gemini, which was officially released on Feb. 21, Cursive graced Southern California not only with a loud and in-your-face show, but also with new music.

Cursive At The Glass House, Feb. 25, 2012
Mary Carreon

As the Nebraska rockers took the stage, the fans in the crowd went borderline ballistic. It was clear by the hands that went up and the intensity of volume that there were some hard-core Cursive fans present in the audience, which made for an extremely high energy set.

Opening with the song "Drunken Birds" off of the band's new album I Am Gemini, Cursive set the tone for the night by starting off with one of the newer, heavier songs. At this point, the Glass House was packed to the brim with a ton of ecstatic Cursive fans who sang at the tops of their lungs and fist pumped with passion.

As the set continued, the crowd got wilder as the music got heavier. Fans were crowd surfing, jumping up and down as if they were on pogo sticks, and head banging uncontrollably. The girl next to me fell down a few times because of how hard she was rocking out, but it didn't stop her. Tim Kasher's vocals combined with Ted Steven's intense guitar riffs kept the girl next to me, as well as everyone else in the crowd, rocking out hard.

At one point during the set, Kasher interacted with the crowd and held a brief conversation with a fan about liking tater-tots, which received many laughs. As the band interacted with the crowd, it gave everyone in the venue a moment to catch their breath. A few seconds later Kasher and his band picked up right where they left off, which fueled the crowd to continue rocking out until the end of the show.

The one thing that stood out to me the most about Cursive was how incredibly talented all of the musicians in the band are. The quality of music these rockers make blows most of today's bands out of the water. How many bands sound better live than they do on the recording? Not many, that's for sure. The level of musicianship on stage controlled my attention for most of the show, leaving me impressed and increasingly interested as to what's to come in Cursive's future.

The Crowd: Lots of hard-core Cursive fans dressed in black

Critics Bias: I got the opportunity to interview Tim Kasher a few weeks ago about this show, so it was cool to be there to see how everything played out.

Overheard In The Crowd: "I love tater-tots too!"

Random Notebook Dump: Every time I go to the Glass House I, without fail, always see tall grown men crowd surfing...ouch.

Set List:

Drunken Birds

Big Bang


The Cat and Mouse

A Red So Deep

A Birthday Bash

Driftwood: A Fairy Tale

We're Going To Hell

The Martyr

Twin Dragon/ Hello Skeleton

I Couldn't Love You

The Recluse

The Sun And Moon

From The Hips

Dorothy At Forty

Sink To The Beat

Art Is Hard

Eulogy For No Name


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