Curren$y to Release Stoner Opus
Pitchfork Media

Curren$y to Release Stoner Opus

Here's a story for all you hip-hop hotheads. Pitchfork Media is reporting New Orleans rapper Curren$y is set to release his latest "commercial mixtape," affectionately titled Weekend at Burnie's on June 28. (We get it, he spelled Burnies with a "u" in a delicious pot reference.) As you old timers know, Weekend at Bernie's was a 1989 comedy starring Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman  as two hapless, would-be corporate hot shots who discover the murdered corpse of their yuppie, Hamptons-dwelling boss at his beach house. 

Instead of calling the police, they decide to artfully use ropes and air freshener to turn the millionaire into a life-size marionette and disguise the fact that he is worm food while living it up in his luxurious digs. Of course if you weren't born in the '80s, but are an avid pot smoker, you better have seen this movie--a true cannabis classic.
Now here is where things gets weird. Curren$y and his record label have tapped into the phenomenon first  popularized by fans of the Pink Floyd stoner canon, Dark Side of the Moon. In case you didn't know, some goof ball hopped up on peyote, or perhaps some toxic inhalant, discovered he could synch up the album with the 1939 film classic The Wizard of Oz turning the album into a defacto score for Dorothy and Toto's shenanigans.

Hey, if it worked for the music of Roger Waters and David Gilmore, there's no reason why a genius like Curren$y shouldn't be able to get in on the action.

Apparently the rapper and his label have attempted to synch up his latest album with Weekend at Bernies.  Hey, we're no expert on gimmicky publicity stunts, but there's something about this that seems patently lame.

Busting rhymes over images of two schlubs like McArthy and Silverman as they sit on a tar papered New York apartment building or parading a corpse around town just doesn't have the same stony appeal as the epic psychedelic licks of Floyd juxtaposed with the silver screen iconography of Judy Garland traipsing across the dusty farm roads of Kansas or dropping from the sky into a jewel colored land teeming with munchkins. In fact Curren$y's efforts seem to us sub R. Kelly. But what do we know? You be the judge.

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