Courtney Love Sued for Defamation Over Her Tweets

Courtney Love Sued for Defamation Over Her Tweets

Of course, I couldn't think of anyone more fitting than Courtney Love to get in trouble for posting something ridiculous on Twitter. Fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir filed suit against the songstress over a series of Twitter attacks, as well as multiple posts on her Myspace and Etsy accounts. In them, Love claimed that Simorangkir is a "drug-pushing prostitute." Why, might you ask? Apparently, Simorangkir demanded that Love pay her a few thousand dollars for her clothing. And if that tweet weren't enough, Love added a major blow, asserting that the designer had a history of assault and had lost custody of her child.

Love also maintained that Simorangkir was trying to capitalize on her fame. Love wrote, " She has received a VAST amount of money from me over 40,000 dollars and I do not make people famous and get raped TOO!"

In the suit, Simorangkir claims  the posts have tarnished her reputation as a designer. A hearing is set for Jan. 18 in Los Angeles, at which time the judge will decide whether Love's Twitter tirade is actually defamation or just a matter of her (moronic) opinion.

Rolling Stone magazine reports that one of Love's witnesses will be a medical expert who will testify that Love was not "subjectively malicious" during her tweeting session, that she did not have any idea how her written words would be perceived and interpreted by other viewers. Essentially, this witness will try to decifer Love's idiotic madness and attempt to explain Love wasn't trying to harm Simorangkir's fashion career.


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