Courtney Love Flips Out Onstage Over Cobain Poster, Continues Ranting About Dave Grohl

Courtney Love Flips Out Onstage Over Cobain Poster, Continues Ranting About Dave Grohl

On Sunday night, Courtney Love launched into an insane rant in the middle of a Hole set at Sao Paulo's SMU Festival after a fan waved a Kurt Cobain poster in front of her.

According to Antiquiet, the Hole frontwoman flashed the crowd, said her status as "a gay icon" allows her to use a certain epithet that recently got Brett Ratner ousted from the Oscars, and asked for "a Chapstick for my herpes sore."

She also reportedly claimed she was the inspiration for almost everything on the Smashing Pumpkins' classic 90s albums Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Apparently she even went as far as to claim she wrote the line "The killer in me is the killer in you" on Smashing Pumpkins' mega hit "Disarm" in a letter to Billy Corgan.

But the shit really hit the fan when she spotted someone in the audience with a photograph of her late husband, Kurt Cobain. As captured in the following video, Love went totally nuts, at first focusing on the poor guy with the photo, but soon directing her freak out to the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl.

"You weren't fucking married to him [Cobain], I was," the former Mrs. Cobain told the audience. "You didn't get kicked out of a band by him, like Dave, he did. Go see the fucking Foo Fighters and do that shit."

When Love returned to the stage, she said, "I don't care what you listen to at home, but if a guy takes money off my kid's table, fuck him."

Her Grohl rant continued as footage from the outrage-prone frontwoman's post-show interview hit the web.

"I own Nirvana with my daughter [Frances Bean]," Love says. "Because of tax reasons I have to give that money to my sister, Kim Cobain, and [Kurt's mother] Wendy Cobain. Dave makes five million a show... why the fuck, then, does he have a Nirvana Inc. credit card and I don't?" Love goes on to accuse Grohl of purchasing an Aston Martin while Kurt's mother and sister freeze under the bridge that Kurt sang about in the Nevermind track "Something in the Way."

The same old insults kept rolling in: "He didn't even write the drum riff for 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,'" she said. "Kurt owns 100 percent of that publishing... You can go like [the Foo Fighters] all you want. But don't say you like them in front of me, because I will walk off stage and never come back." Okay, okay, we get it: Courtney Love fucking hates Dave Grohl, and she won't stop until every single person in the entire world knows it.

For more amusing and ridiculous rants about Grohl, see her 2005, 2007, and 2009 bashes of the Foo Fighters frontman.


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