Costa Mesa's Japanese Motors Release Album, Please Pitchfork

Costa Mesa-based "surf-garage-pop" quartet Japanese Motors, signed to the dependably hip Vice Records label in July, released their debut album this week, handily enough titled Japanese Motors.

It's attracted the attention of frequently stingy yet inarguably influential review site Pitchfork, who have written about them twice this week (though, so far, no formal album review). On Monday, they posted undeniably catchy album track "Spendin' Days," along with a mostly complimentary write-up. Then today, their section posted the video for lead single "Single Fins & Safety Pins," saying it "hearkens back to proto-punk grit and girl-group rhythms."

The Weekly has written plenty about Japanese Motors on their way to landing on the same label that The Raveonettes and The Streets call home, including this feature by Hobey Echlin in late August of this year.

Following an east coast swing that includes NYC, Philadelphia and Toronto dates, Japanese Motors will find their way back to the county for a Nov. 8 show at Detroit Bar.

And hey, here's the video:


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