Corrosion of Conformity
Corrosion of Conformity

Corrosion of Conformity - The Observatory - December 21, 2012

Corrosion of Conformity

The Observatory

December 21, 2012

What better way to celebrate "the end of the world" then to go see Corrosion of Conformity, a monumental band in the metal community. Not only was it on an epic day to see the devils music, but also it was at the Observatory in Santa Ana, which is a tiny venue. The stage was perfect for a three piece band because of the fact that they focus more on what they are playing rather then what is going on stage. The first song that they used to start their set was Psychic Vampire, off of the new record. When I had seen them at Ink-n-Iron, that was also what they had started the set off with and it was the perfect song. Despite the lack luster from the crowd, the band played with full energy not allowing the fact that the crowd was down right boring.

Watching each member play their instruments can give any young band a run for their money. Seeing the delicacy that Woodroe Weathermen played each note on his guitar is inspiring for anyone to watch. Each string and note was played with such accuracy and persuasion; it makes playing the guitar look easy when in fact it is not. He of course is not the only member of the band to do such things. Watching Mike Dean, and Reed Mullins play their instruments has the same love and care as Weatherman, which only adds to their performance. Despite how dead on the sound was, I couldn't get over the fact that Dean's vocals were a little muddled for my liking but to be honest at this point it is just knit picking.

Although they had started the set with a fresh new song, they had played some of their older songs like Mad World, and Holier. It is always a joy to see a band that no matter where they play, missing members or not, they have a nod to the songs that have brought their fans joy. Not only did they play a wide variety of songs, but also they played Moneychangers, which like Mad World is a heavily induced political song. It says a lot about the set that they are playing. It is nice that they do not shy away from their beliefs for anyone and in fact they stick to the things they feel.

A band could very easily play the songs that would not generate any type of thought, but that is not the band C.O.C. is. C.O.C. was not the headlining band and I did not know this till I got there--turns out that slot belonged to High on Fire. Like Napalm Death did with the Municipal Waste tour, they allowed for a great metal band to headline a show although they are the residents of metal. It is nice to see a band that does not take themselves so serious that they have to be number one on the bill in order to put on a good show. They had done a great job opening for High on Fire, who were amazing on stage. 

Overall it was a great show and even though the world didn't end, if that was the last show I was to see I would not at all be disappointed. In fact I think it is a great way to end my year with all of the kick ass shows I have seen.

The Crowd: Old and Young Metal heads of different parts of metal. Some punks thrown in there as well.

Overheard: "Fuck Pepper, their better without him!"

Critical Bias: I saw Woodroe Weatherman standing behind me after their set. I was temped to say hello and that I was there to review him but I didn't want him to see how young I was, I felt like an ass hole.

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