Correatown Makes a Crafty Kickstarter Video

Correatown play such sweet songs of love and longing that you want them to be the soundtrack of all sublime moments of your life.

Now that the band is making a new record called Pleiades, the band has started a Kickstarter account to help with its release. Chief songwriter Angela Correa wrote many of the songs over the course of 2009 and 2010, and she says these songs are "the truest expression yet of the music we're making."

With a September release planned, they're hoping to tour and get the music on the road before the end of the year. "At first, it was difficult to imagine asking for pledges," Correa says.

But when you watch the beautiful video that accompanies their pledge and listen to their music (I own an earlier album--Spark. Burn. Fade.--and it's incredibly beautiful, I'm such a huge fan girl) you'll realize they're doing you a favor by letting you help. Not only will you have good music for everyone in the end, but Correatown's pledges include a private show for an event of your choice (omg!), handmade patches, tea towels, t-shirts and artwork.


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