Cornelius in the US!

A link-heavy addendum to a review done a couple issues back. Japan's terminally mindblowing Cornelius is finally coming back here! Among other things, this will include a desperately waited for release of his amazing Sensuous (and I'm man enough to admit that I got that from pitchfork) on April 24. When I heard that he's playing Coachella, I started thinking long and hard about the benefits and potential risks of a second trip to there. Now that I know he's ALSO going to be touring the US, I couldn't me more excited. I'm sorry? What was that? Do you want to know WHY I'm so fucking pumped he's touring the US? I can provide most supreme evidence of that by asking you to simply click on this last link. ALSO as a side note, I am pleasantly blown away by the fact that the US label kind of enough to give Cornelius US distribution is Everloving Records, who's own Piers Faccini I reviewed a couple issues back.


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