Compact Disc Warehouse

Top 10 selling records from May 20 to May 26 at Compact Disc Warehouse, 125 N. Tustin St., Ste. D, Orange, (714) 771-6646. CD Warehouse specializes in new and used music, DVD sales and rentals, hard-to-find items, and special orders.

150 Cent, TheMassacre(Aftermath)

2Beck, Guero(Interscope)

3Various Artists, NowThat'sWhatICallMusic,Vol.18(Sony)

4Mario, TurningPoint(J-Records)

5Ray Charles, GeniusLovesCompany(Concord/Hear Music)

6Maroon 5, SongsAboutJane(BMG)

7Gwen Stefani, Love.Angel.Music.Baby(Interscope)

8Snoop Dogg, R&G(Rhythm&Gangsta):TheMasterpiece(Geffen)

9Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz, CrunkJuice(TVT)

10The Killers, HotFuss(Island)

STAFF PICK: Jack Johnson, InBetweenDreams(Brush Fire Records): "It's really mellow. That's why I like it. Every track on it is really good." (Sujay Dani)


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