Comic-Con International 2010: Day One Highlights

Comic-Con International 2010 kicked off yesterday, and the first day of the yearly pilgrimage for nerdery in film, comics, games and more include Angelina Jolie sightings, a Jackass in 3D and updates on many many movies that geeks like.

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The cast of Tron: Legacy
The cast of Tron: Legacy
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

Tron: Legacy (Walt Disney Pictures)

During the Tron: Legacy panel, the crowd was treated to eight full minutes of footage of the upcoming Disney film. In it we got to see Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), right after he's been thrust into the cyber word, which is Tron. The visuals are amazing, and the scope of the digital city is truly epic. I think it's safe to say that Tron: Legacy is going to be the movie to see this winter. Tron: Legacy opens on December 17. 

New Trailer from Comic Con:

Green Lantern (Warner Bros.)

On the convention floor, Warner Bros. gave Comic-Con goers a first and up close look at Abin Sur, the alien that passes the ring of power onto Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds). There will be even more news on

Green Lantern

, when they hold their panel on Saturday at 11:45 a.m. in Hall H.

Green Lantern

opens on June 17, 2011.

Jackass 3-D (MTV Films)
Finally a movie truly worthy of 3-D!
Here's the first publicity still released at Con:

Comic-Con International 2010: Day One Highlights

Predators (20th Century Fox)
Sadly, Robert Rodriguez announced today that 20th Century Fox will be releasing a sequel to this month's new Predator incarnation. I know, not everyone disliked the new movie, but let's be honest; it was crap, and I'm sure Predators: Electric Boogaloo isn't going to be much better.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Universal Pictures)
At the panel for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, director/co-writer Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Spaced) announced that a surprise secret screening was about to take place. He then lead the audience from Hall H, and through the streets of San Diego to a theater not far from the Con. Let me just say, that this is hands down the best movie of the summer! In the movie Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) must fight and defeat his new girlfriend Ramona's (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) seven evil exes. It's Superbad meets Streetfighter! Buy your tickets now! No, really! Scott Pilgrim vs. The World opens August 13.

And for people in San Diego, don't miss:
La-La Land Records - Booth #429
La-La Land Records has announced three special releases, available at their booth at this years San Diego's Comic-Con. The first is John Debney's Predators, which skillfully incorporates Alan Silvestri's iconic themes from the original Predator film. Next is a special two-disc set of Danny Elfman's Batman. It's a Limited Edition of 5,000 units, and features the previously unreleased film version of Elfman's score, a remastered presentation of the original 1989 soundtrack score, and never-before-released bonus tracks. Last is a Limited Edition of James Horner's Krull, which is limited to only 3,000 units.

All three recordings will be available at La-La Land Records' site on July 27, but those of you at the Con will be able to get first dibs. 

Yacht Rock Screening!!!
Dust off your captain's hat, and get ready for a smooth night of hilarity. The Channel 101 cult classic will be have a screening of all 12 Yacht Rock episode on Saturday night at the Whistle Stop Bar, 2236 Fern St. San Diego, 5 p.m.

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