I would never do an Ab Roller if I was sober.
I would never do an Ab Roller if I was sober.

Comedian Sean Green's Top Five Songs to Get Drunk To

Hailing from the land of great things like cheesesteaks, Bill Cosby, and sports teams that may or may not be doing so wonderful this year (OK, they suck. We get it.), comedian Sean Green migrated from Pennsylvania to Cali to showcase his skills on a much higher level and that is exactly what he's been doing since. He hosts a weekly podcast where he discusses a variety of topical topics called "The Green Room," he gets the best of both worlds by mixing his love of comedy and sports by co-hosting the "Sports Gambling Podcast," and he can be seen all around O.C. and L.A. getting stage time perfecting his straightforward style of comedy that everyone can relate to.

And not to change the subject (but get ready folks), just like most of us, Sean Green has done his fair share of drinking. We are telling you this because Sean's next gig happens to be at Serenity Hall in Garden Grove this Friday (January 18th) which is an event put on after an AA meeting. It's a dry show that gives meeting members a chance to get a good laugh after going through their woes. Since we are somewhat of a twisted bunch over here at the Weekly, we thought we'd ask Sean to play along with us since he isn't in AA and is by no means sober by giving us his, Five Song Drinking Soundtrack with some memories that go along with it. Are we proud? You're damn skippy.

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5- Grateful Dead- Uncle John's Band

I am a huge Deadhead. This is a great song to drink by a campfire, that kind of thing. It reminds me of one of the earlier times I got drunk in high school. This chick I took to the homecoming dance wasn't too interested in hanging out so we all went over to this other chick's house to have a party. We ended up hanging out in her basement listening to the Grateful Dead and I remember listening to this song and having a ton of beers. I also remember thinking it would be hilarious to start fucking around on an "Ab Roller" that was down there. For some reason the Ab Roller was speaking to me so I was listening to Uncle John's Band working that Ab Roller. That basically made me realize the potential fun you could have drinking because I would never do an Ab Roller if I was sober. It was also a pink Ab Roller.

4- The Rolling Stones - Rocks Off

This basically takes me back to when I started living in L.A. and my friends had a house in Burbank. A couple of other comedians and I created this thing called the Comedy Garage where we built this stage in a garage and we were going to have a monthly show/party and would always kick the party off with Rocks Off. It's just a great drinking song because it gets you amped up. It's kind of a bluesy sound with some horns. Also if you've ever read the book "Exile on Main St" about The Rolling Stones, it's one of those things where it's crazy like, how can you put out an album and just be so wasted the entire time? Plus if you're looking to talk to a girl it's one of those things where you can be like, oh I like The Rolling Stones but I like their old stuff. It's a good way to sound interesting without having to do too much music research.

3- Shaggy- It Wasn't Me

This particular song was a huge hit when I was a senior in high school. After we graduated, my buddies and I took a trip down to Mexico for the week and this song played everywhere we went. We thought it'd be a great idea to do a booze cruise and they were doing a bunch of spring break contests. So, they had some Nick Cannon dick on stage and he was like, "We need three guys and three girls up here on stage." So I get up there and get paired up to do this game where we switch clothes. They brought up these tents and we had two minutes to switch clothes, do a fashion show, and whoever did it the best won a bottle of tequila. Of course I'm not into cross-dressing but I'm into the drinking game so I did it. We sit down to hear the results and I've never heard a crowd groan so much in my entire life and that's when I realized, I should have kept my boxers on. I was totally doing a Sharon Stone "Basic Instinct" but it was the exact opposite of sexy. So I did it a couple of more times and I won two bottles of tequilas so it all worked out.

2- Lil Wyte- Getting Fucked Up

This song reminds me of every time I've ever gone to Vegas. The hook is just, "I'm gettin' fucked up, man I'm gettin' fucked up. Maker's, Marker, cranberry Vodka." It's funny because it's a great song to get pumped up like, yeah, we're gonna have the time of our lives! And then you're just sitting at a black jack table for nine hours sitting by yourself. Like, you're thinking about bottle service in the club but it ends up me alone at the back jack table. [Laughs.] I do always like the hope of the night when it's young and you crank this song to get yourself ready for a night of drinking.

1- Wax- Dispensary Girl

I am friends with this rapper that goes by the name of Wax who is a huge fan of the stuff and he actually put me in this video. It might be more of a weed song but it's smooth and it's the perfect song to throw on to transition into getting into some laid back drinking. This video also reminds me of the rare opportunity of gloating as an Eagles fan because the day I was shooting this video, I missed the greatest comeback by Eagles over the Giants and I didn't get to rub it in my friend's face. Instead I had to watch it on TiVo and rub it in his face later which loses all energy. That's also another good reason to drink when you hear this song though, a wasted opportunity of missed gloating. It definitely makes me want to crack a beer!

Follow Sean on Twitter @GreenRoomShow and find out where he will be next by checking out his website www.seantgreen.com and to find the links to listen to Sports Gambling Podcast and The Green Room. You can also download Sean's CD "Live From The Steel Stacks" for free there as well. Go see Sean Green this Friday (January 18th) at Serenity Hall at 10pm located at 7212 Chapman Ave in Garden Grove.

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