Don't let the Catholic schoolboy smile fool you, this dude is hilarious
Don't let the Catholic schoolboy smile fool you, this dude is hilarious

Comedian Patrick Keane Says a Lifetime of Catholic School Means He Has Plenty of Unlearning to Do

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Everyone likes to cheer for the hometown boy and when it comes to O.C. (semi) native Patrick Keane, the cheers just keep on coming. Delivering a hilariously relatable and honest style with a boyish quality, he's been tapped for shows like The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Comics Unleashed. And when he's not headlining, he's has had the opportunity to open for comedic greats like Robert Schimmel, Nick Swardson, and Jim Norton.

Patrick might have made the move from Orange County to Los Angeles but that doesn't mean he's forgotten his roots and this Thursday night (August 23rd), he's heading back home to entertain us with some hilariously embarrassing childhood stories and plenty Iris of jokes at the Irvine Improv. Plus, we hear he's recording a live CD so any chance to hear your recorded laugh at some point in the future is worth the trip.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I saw you posted on-line that your Thursday night show is an "Emergency Comedy Show." What's the emergency?

Patrick Keane: The world is getting way to serious and too remedy that, we need to have a comedy show. Also because they called me last minute to say that they had a cancellation on Thursday. So it was really their emergency but, it's kind of duel because everybody is way too serious these days.

I agree with you, it's like no one can take a joke anymore....

Yeah. It's like, I don't know if I want to be a stand-up comic necessarily or if it's just the only place that you can go and say anything. Everything is so restricted and everyone is so careful. I don't know what the guiltiness is, it's almost like we are slaves to the system. People forget that we invented the rules and we can change them at any time.

You went to Santa Margarita High School and it is pretty clean on paper but when you were starting out, did you get much material from there?

Yeah SMHS. It's a private high school, kind of like the 90210 of Orange County. It's also a Catholic school. I actually went to Catholic grade school, high school, and college. That's a lot of unlearning I have to do for the rest of my life. [Laughs.] I think I got material from there because there are a lot of traditions without even questioning it. On the lighter side, it was great too because of going to church every week no matter what and you know, those school uniforms are great. Yeah, those were fun. If a girl looks hot in a school uniform and can pull that off...I mean, at the time I couldn't wait to get away from people in school uniforms and now I wish I could go back to them.

Yeah, if you can pull off that plaid skirt look and you're not a stripper, you've got it going in. What did your folks think about you getting into comedy?

Right? It's weird because they are really religious but they're also very open-minded. I think they'd seen enough stuff in their lives so they were always supportive. Like, do what you like, do what you love. They're from the mid-West so they've seen a lot of people tie themselves down with responsibility before they even had a chance to go out and live. I think they were supportive of someone not running out and getting married at 25 and having four kids right away. Although, my mom still sends me e-mails for job offers. I think she'd like me one neighborhood away working a 9 to 5 with a wife and kids. Naturally.

And you also write and do video shorts too, do you have a favorite way to express yourself comedically?

I like doing podcasts and radio also but the internet shorts are my favorite because with a live audience, I want the crowd to like me too much. When it's just a camera I can be a lot more honest on where I stand. I'm more nervous with human interaction which is strange. I don't do a lot of interaction with the crowd either, I'm more interested in performing for them.

So where is the worst place you've ever played? Please don't say the Improv...

Yeah right? [Laughs.] Emergency cancellation. The worst place is probably anytime I've done something outside during the daytime. One time I did a fundraiser that was outside during the day and they didn't have a sound system. So I just looked like a person standing there yelling.

What's the hype on your Thursday night show in Irvine?

I travel all around so it's always fun to come home and do comedy. We'll be taping a live CD too so it'll be a lot of fun. I want them to laugh and the audience will want to laugh but sometimes, stand-up gets in the way. It'll be great.

Get all of the scoop on Patrick Keane on his website, by following him on Twitter @CitizenKeane, or by becoming a fan of his on Facebook. You can get free tickets to see Patrick at the Irvine Improv this Thursday at 8:00 pm by logging onto and using the code KEANESM. The Improv is located at 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618.

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