Comedian Allison Sciulla Talks Stand-Up, Her Musical Aspirations and the Shitty Title of Her Latest Book

Comedian Allison Sciulla Talks Stand-Up, Her Musical Aspirations and the Shitty Title of Her Latest Book

Allison Sciulla wants to do it all (as this photo clearly suggests) and is pretty much on the path to doing just that. She is the author of the book, "You're Probably A Slut," that highlights plenty of reasons why you might be somewhat of a whore (ladies, the jig is up). She recently authored her second book this year, "And Then I Shit My Pants: And Other True Short Stories," in which she doesn't hesitate to keep it real with plenty of hysterical and totally embarrassing true life tales.

She's not just in it for the laughs though, Allison is also all about her music which you will soon find out when her punk band Zoccola releases their album next month. As if that didn't keep her busy enough, she's become a comedic force all over Los Angeles and Orange County with her stand-up set that strikes the right balance between naughty and relatable. This Tuesday at the Irvine Improv, Sciulla is competing in (and hopefully winning) the "City Stars" competition so come check out this multifaceted funny gal when she reps her skills and supplies plenty of laughs to go around.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): First off and comedy aside, you're working on an album with a band right?

Allison Sciulla: Yeah! My album is coming out on July 4th. The tracks are basically done and the cover is done. Now it's just getting it up on iTunes, making copies, and sending it around. Our band is called Zoccola, which means "slut" in Italian and the album is called, "Go." There should be a video out soon too where I covered Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" but with a punk twist to it.

Since you do music and you do comedy, any parody songs in the works?

I have a couple of parody songs and sometimes when I do stand-up I'll end with a lesbian version of 4 Non Blondes, "What's Up." It's fucking great. But right now with music, I'm really trying to focus on keeping it punk.

You've got some great video shorts, any thoughts on getting into movies?

If it ever came around that would be awesome but I don't know if acting is one of my passions. I really want to steer more towards doing music and stand-up comedy. But it wouldn't be a bad gig to get if it did happen! I'm going on tour with a couple of comics and we're going to tape the whole thing. I do like to tape little out of town adventures. That's really fun.

You've got two books out now, "You're Probably A Slut" and "And Then I Shit My Pants" and I'm just wondering, how does your family feel about the personal stories you tell in them?

They really didn't say much about the first book oddly enough. They were more so like, "Where's the check?" With And Then I Shit My Pants, the description says, "Beat down fights with her overbearing Italian mother," and when my mom read the chapter about her, she just cried and cried. She didn't like the way I depicted her, but it is true. She didn't want her sisters to read it but I was like, I didn't write the book for my family. I wrote it for people who don't even know me so they're not going to care!

You have such balls calling out your family like that. My folks would be mortified!

[Laughs.] Yeah I'm very verbal but so is my whole family. We tell each other "Fuck you" all of the time. They're New Yorkers so everyone just yells at each other.

Did you say this Tuesday will be your first time preforming at the Irvine Improv?

Yeah! It's been one of my small goals and now, it'll be my first time. It's a competition that is hosted by Darryl Blackshere. I guess the audience will decide the winner so there's a little added pressure now but I figure, I'm going to win anyways so it doesn't even matter! [Laughs.]

Well even though you are going to win, why should people come out to cheer?

My set covers everything from ex-boyfriends and sexual encounters to drugs and racism basically. It's going to be good time and I usually do pretty well. I mean, I have yet to bomb.

You can see all of Allison Sciulla's awesomely funny videos and pick up her books on her website and follow her on Twitter @allisonrox. Come out to cheer on her set this Tuesday (June 26th) at the Irvine Improv by getting tickets at or by calling 949-854-5455. The Improv is located at 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618.

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