Coachella: The Aftermath on Twitter

Coachella: The Aftermath on Twitter

In light of this week's Coachella lineup announcement, you knew that there'd be reactions ranging form the good, the bad and the angry. That being said, we trolled Twitter to see what people thought and here's a countdown of some of the comments to date (note: these tweets are in their purest, unedited form and the poor grammar is not mine, just wanted you to know): 

10. @Sam Grittner - Breaking: Mitt Romney just added to Coachella line-up with his band 'Just Let It Trickle Down.'

9. @brokemogul - dear coachella, u better make sure bon iver plays during the daytime so i can stay awake thru it

8. @molls - You are as cool as the size of the font that the band you're most excited to see on the Coachella line up is small.

7. @shariv67 - Coachella sounds like a Gold Rush era disease.

6. @intoitoverit - can't wait to see which one of our friends bands breaks up and reunites 10 or 12 years later for coachella.

5. @davefogg - blue ivy just added to coachella...

4. @Amadio - 2012 Prediction. Everyone in Hollywood complaining about how they went to the wrong weekend at Coachella.

3. @Sebwebber - Hey. Coachella called. They said they don't care about your opinion.

2. @ShamaWorldPeace - Ummm whats the Coachella yall ?

and the number one reaction to Coachella is...

This poster!

Coachella: The Aftermath on Twitter

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