Coachella Promoter Paul Tollett: Relax

Paul Tollett, the impresario behind the annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival, has heard the millions of voices crying out in terror, and is looking to suddenly silence them. Yes, there's still no lineup announcement. But, in the tradition of positive thinking, that's not a bad thing--its a good thing! Here's him, via the LA Times Pop & Hiss music blog:

"I know everybody is going crazy, but we're not stalling, we're still working on the show. Everything we do is in service of the show, not in service of the announcement of the show. Believe me, we're excited to tell everybody and we want to tell everybody, but the show is still being put together."

Don't worry Coachella fans; we will be serviced. In the meantime, enjoy the cool picture up there that I took of Tilly & the Wall from 2007's Coachella. Look at how much fun that looks! Those were the days. Those days. In 2007. At Coachella. Ah, memories.


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