Your indie-rock binky
Your indie-rock binky

Coachella Day Three: Best Coast Does Simple Pop Songs on Distortion Best

I love the fuzz in Best Coast's music. It wraps around you like a blanket, giving some grit to what otherwise would just be pretty little ditties.

So Beth Cosentino is singing a song about the most famous indie-rock cat ever. "You can't go to a Best Coast show without hearing his name, sorry," she says.

And you'd think that her set would be less ... interesting than it turns out to be. Her reserve of short-and-sweet songs (read: made with hooks) is endless, and her banter could've been lifted directly from

Lady Gaga

's playbook. ("When I was 17,18,19, I went to Coachella. Now I'm 24 and I'm playing Coachella. So anyone with a dream---this could be you.")

The question of the moment: To Duran Duran or not to Duran Duran?


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