Coachella Day One: And We're In!

Coachella Day One: And We're In!

There's a ton that's different at Indio this year. The wristbands, for one--while members of the press got to check in at Indian Wells, a site about five miles away from the festival, almost everyone else got their wristbands mailed to them. That meant no clusterfuck at the gate, and a wait in traffic that--between 2 and 3 p.m.--was almost benign.

Still, with three different checkpoints (the last of which was a technological wonder of a wristband scanning system) and masses of people onsite, it still meant that once you were able to crawl out of the port-a-potties and grab some water, the first show you're going to see is at 4:40 p.m. Thank god that's Odd Future. I'm afraid to like Odd Future because it means I'm going to have to take them and their misogynistic lyrics about rape and such seriously. So every time I see them I look for something to criticize--I doubt its the same for the sweaty masses teeming out of the Sahara tent right now. Everyone wants to believe the hype.

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