Coachella: Day One.

It was a 100 degrees out this afternoon, it took me 45 minutes to find a space and park (real helpful employees out here), 15 to locate press will call and enter then maybe another five to situate where the fuck I was. I told myself two years ago I'd never do this again and here I am again: it's hot, the boyfriend is miserable, I've realized once again just how much I hate people (read: hipsters in every color of American Apparel track shorts available), but seeing Jesus & the Mary Chain perform a near flawless set of all the hits (seriously. Just. The. Hits. And a new song), with Scarlett Johansson (also known as Girl-I'd-Go-Gay-For #3) singing backup on "Just Like Honey," has almost made it worth it.

That and seeing Rufus Wainwright in a striped leisure suit complete with short shorts calling himself the "gay Frank Sinatra." Awesome.

Anyway, Interpol is starting, and soon Sonic Youth, and I'm stuck in the press tent. Enjoy the (sideways—I'm dumb, sorry—just tilt your head sideways, it'll just be as if you're there, I promise) video of Rufus Wainwright performing "14th Street" off of Want One.

Wainwright will also be performing at the El Rey, Tues., May 1st. His newest full-length, Release the Stars will be released May 15th—the same day as Wilco's Sky Blue Sky.

...And here's Jim Reid looking as better as ever.


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