Coachella By the Numbers

Coachella By the Numbers

For the past 13 years, the Coachella Arrs and Music Festival in Indio has blazed the trail for Southern California music. Not only has the event re-defined music festivals in North America, but it has also been the setting for various band reunions (Pixies! Refused! Pulp!), unlikely guest appearances (Scarlett Johansson with Jesus and Mary Chain! Madonna playing guitar!) and celebrity sightings galore (yes, we bump into Paris Hilton every year). Throughout its evolution—from a struggling one-day event that almost went bankrupt to a double-weekend event that sold out in hours—one thing has remained the same: the festival's intangible aura that leaves music-heads coming back for more. And while you can't really put a finger on why people return year after year despite the crowds, the heat and the traffic, we've tried to distill the festival in numbers so fans can, like doting grandparents, exclaim, "My, how you're grown!"


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How much space is there for the festival? Plus, what are the safetly precautions a festival-goer should take?


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