Coachella 2011: Your Reactions

Coachella 2011: Your Reactions

We took to Facebook and Twitter to check out some reactions from readers and fans to the announcement of Coachella 2011's official lineup. Reactions of the "meh" variety seem to be popular.

ReneePrudhomme: Some of these acts--I have seen, or would rather see on their own ticket.
RealAudreyKitch: Coachella lineup is embarrassing :(
CombsSeth: Pretty cool that Death From Above 1979 is reuniting for #Coachella. I wonder if they consumated by making love and listening to themselves.
gotads: COACHELLA LINE UP! Oh my god I want to go so badly. My brain just exploded on the screen.
lindabot: Always frustrated by how Coachella evenly spaces out so many honeypots throughout days and amongst bands I don't give a shit about.
planetaclaire: i wonder how many ppl are looking at the lineup and wondering who the hell caifanes are. #coachella"/jajajajajajjajajajaja
stephaniehluu: Hey remember when good bands and artists used to play at #Coachella? #notimpressed #crowdoftryhards
JeffPack: Thinks there's no more annoyingly whiny people on earth than alt/indie rock music snobs #coachella
BigEastSilver: Coachella is always fun but this line up has no major surprises..seen them once, seen em all Fml probably end up going regardless #coachella
JewSqueeze: On the real tho: if Insane Clown Posse were headling #coachella....I'll let that marinate in your brain.
grimygoods: Not sure how I feel about the Coachella line-up. A bunch of Coachella repeats & bands we see in LA all the time. Where's the fresh meat!?

And from the OC Weekly Facebook fan page (plug, plug, plug!):

Coachella 2011: Your Reactions

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