Club Pick: The Nightmare Before Valentine's Day at Proof-TONIGHT

I'm sure if this was the night you chose to stay inside and cower under the covers like a little bitch, no one would think any less of you. But for the rest of us who choose to explore the positive prospects of Friday the 13th, the folks at Proof have a frightfully fantastic DJ line-up planned for us. Most of you have gotten well acquainted with the magic of MUTE Fridays by now. But this week offers a special helping horror and house music aptly titled The Nightmare Before Valentines Day. Take in a few strong drinks while DIM MAK DJs take over the dance floor. Canadian duo Autoerotique (responsible for reanimating some of the most annoying pop songs of all time and making them totally amazing) are special guests for the night's festivities. If you show up tonight, you'll also be one of the first to witness the launch of Proofs new monthly club event, Faded KNXN featuring a 2X4 DJ set by the respected mix masters of Colossal KNXN and Faded Tequila Worms. By midnight, you'll be partying so hard that you might even forget that the real horror will be dealing with all that V-day corporate holiday mushiness tommorrow. As if that weren't enough, stay tuned for some monster sets by MUTE residents Legit, Rockberry and Chris Santiago. Sure, we've all seen at least one of the Friday the 13th flicks, which is enough to make you think twice before running around on the streets half-drunk. But rest assured that the only thing getting cut up tonight at Proof will be some choice tracks.


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