Club Pick: Steve Angello at Heat, Feb. 5

If you're like me, when you hear the word disco, there's always one country that comes to mind first-SWEDEN! Maybe that's because they're one of the few countries that still gives a crap about it. But aside from that, this decadent synth-driven sound from the 70s and 80s sparked the creativity of Steve Angello, on of the Swede's most recognized DJs. Turns out he will dropping in on us tomorrow night for what promises to be a memorable set at Heat Ultra Lounge. As if churning out hit records, multiple side projects and running his own label (Size Records) wasn't enough, this dude also puts on one hell of a show. And with 2009 already off to a decent start in club land, Heat manages to uphold it's rep for bringing in some of the world's (well, mostly Europe's) best song selectors. For those stubborn few who still haven't trailed to the back of Anaheim's Gardenwalk in the shadow of Disney, this club is certainly one of the few reasons to fight past the sea of tourists. Once you get absorbed into 10,000sq. ft. of rumbling bass, warm bodies, neon glow and half-naked gogo dancers you almost forget that your partying in the shadow of the House of Mouse. Its especially easy to forget when you've got Angello bringing you his signature sound that has made him a demigod in places like Ibiza and Brazil. One good thing about having to walk past all those gift shops is the fact that you'll probably be able to grab a decent pair of glow sticks on your way to the club.


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