Club Pick Of The Weekend: Boogie Nights Dirty Disco Party At Sutra

If there were ever a guide to throw a great party, Sutra sure got it right this time. The blueprint is simple, although damn near impossible to recreate unless you've got the cred and resources.

First thing, you need a theme. Dirty Disco? Boogie Nights? Yep, sounds good. It's been a while since the '70s themed extravaganzas have hit the circuit, so does this mean they're novel again? Looks like it. And put the word "dirty" in front of anything, it just gets infinitely cooler.

Next, gotta have the eye candy. Playboy would seem like the obvious first choice (duh), but what about going right past all those bunny wannabe's to the queen sex pot? That would be recently appointed 2008 Playmate Of The Year Jayde Nicole. Think she would come to your party? Let alone host it? In your dreams.

Finally and arguably most importantly is the music. Again, Sutra goes right to the top: world renowned DJ/music producer Steve Aoki to spin a special live '70s set that will be nothing less than fanfuckingtastic.

Being Sutra's first annual Dirty Disco party, there's the slightest chance it's going to be a dud. But by slightest chance, it's about as possible as playing that stupid "lime in the coconut" game and not throwing up, which translates to about one in a sqillion.

The catch: '70s disco attire is required for entry, so you have to participate. Just think tight and glitzy. Hot pants and halter tops. What you would wear with a pair of roller skates if you didn't plan on actually, um, skating. Men should go the Travolta route, naturally. No need for platforms tough, guys, unless you have practiced dancing in them. As hot as tight pants and open shirts can be, most ladies dont dig guys in heels. sorry.

According to Sutra, this is "sure to sell out" and unlike most venues that claim it, Dirty Disco probably will. Pre-sale tickets run $20 (hey, that's less than five gallons of gas), but the cut-off is today at 1 p.m. You can purchase them here. Didn't get them in time? Try your luck at the door, but getting turned away while in costume is one of the most embarrassing things to happen to a club-goer. In other words, sucks to be you.


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