Club Pick: OC Weekly Holiday Party

No one knows how to get wasted in the winter quite like the Irish. OC Weekly knows this. After all, we have several of them on staff. That is why we've decided to pack every square inch of The Auld Dubliner this weekend in a mid-December ball of booze-soaked holiday cheer. Normally, the words "holiday party" tend to inspire a wave of cringes from bitter 9 to 5 worker bees. So if you decide to swing by, at least you know your coming to a place with some quality imported suds straight from the tap. And we can assure you that crappy Christmas music and awkward moments at the punch bowl will be kept at a minimum. How does free XZO vodka samples sound? Your complimentary holiday buzz will go perfect with the rock-n-roll ruckus courtesy of OC cover band Punching Thunder. And you know you're just itching to bang your head to some bomb ass Guns N' Roses tunes. Come hang with us at our annual pre Christmas / Hanukkah /Kwanzaa extravaganza of awesomeness.


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