Club Pick: Free Night at Heat Ultra Lounge, Apr. 2

Club Pick: Free Night at Heat Ultra Lounge, Apr. 2

I am a cheap bastard. And I know you can one too, especially when the prospect of getting something for free is dangled in your face. Maybe that's why, for one night only, the folks at Heat are indulging your thrifty ways with a free admission free-for-all tomorrow. Even those of you who can't stand this place have to turn your head and recognize that deal. From the time Heat sprayed it's first vodka cranberry wayyyy back in 2008, it has been home to some of the biggest names in house, trance, jungle and pretty much any other form of music that requires glow sticks.

But as free-wheeling and fun as this club can be, it definitely joins the ranks of other high fallutin' ultra lounges when it comes to the cover charge (I'm starting to think "ultra" is a code word for $20). But tomorrow night, as you rummage through your wallet or purse on your stroll through the Anaheim Garden Walk, one thing you won't need is cash for the door. Come in and dance the night away guilt-free in the center of a neon floor enveloped by tight and toned go-go dancers, or just chill in one of the VIP lounges and order up some bottles for you and your friends (though that kind of baller mentality defeats the purpose of you getting in for free...but I digress).

I know it sounds like the only thing good about this club night is that it's free...and that may be true for some of you. And for those that have never had the desire to spend $20 on this place, now's the time to go in an poke around and judge the atmosphere for yourself. Besides, it's Thursday, you'll probably be out anyway and we're in a recession...need I say more?

Heat Ultra Lounge
321 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 776-4328


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