Clean-Sounding Dave Green of the Filthy Souls

Clean-Sounding Dave Green of the Filthy Souls

Dave Green of the Brit band the Filthy Souls is performing at the House of Blues in Anaheim tomorrow; he talks to OC Weekly about what his performance is like without the band and working with Bishop Lamont.

OC Weekly: How is your solo work different from your music with the Filthy Souls?

Dave Green: My solo work and The Filthy Souls are almost the same; my solo shows are just myself alone playing The Filthy Souls tracks how they were originally written and The Filthy Souls is a full band experience.

I saw your video with Bishop Lamont; are you planning to collaborate and cross-genres more?

Actually I was in the studio yesterday with Bishop and we are now working on more material together!

What can we expect from your live show?

From my solo show I will be explaining how most of The Filthy Souls songs were first written, and doing an all acoustic set including some of my favorite songs by other artists.

Do you listen to a lot of other genres? Who's on your iPod now?

I don't own an iPod! In my iTunes on the computer I listen to a lot of Steve Earle, Van Morrison, The Doobie Brothers, Passion Pit, Otis Redding, Billy Joel, The Beatles, The Black Keys, Ryan Adams, Miike Snow...Thats my top 10 most played in ITunes.

Are you based in the US now?

I am based in Los Angeles with the band now and i love it!

What's next for the Filthy Souls?

We are planning to tour around the Hollywood and surrounding areas and try our best to build up a solid fan base to take the band on a tour around the USA and the world.


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