Cirque du Soleil-Worthy Moments From Michael Jackson's Life

Cirque du Soleil-Worthy Moments From Michael Jackson's Life

So we heard that Michael Jackson's estate and Cirque du Soleil are going to launch Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour next fall.

In true Cirque du Soleil fashion, the show will use Jackson's choreography, hit music, and life experiences to interpret the King of Pop's spirit and life. Considering their capabilities, there's no telling what the people over at Cirque du Soleil have planned, but we're sure hoping they don't forget certain key elements in Jackson's life.

Follow the jump for our list of MJ moments that would definitely be perfect for a Cirque du Soleil recreation...

1. That dangling baby

Known for their high flying acrobatics, this Jamie King-directed production will definitely have to re-enact baby Blanket's death defying balcony romp in Berlin.

2. Cameos from Bubbles and other animals from Neverland!

What makes a Cirque du Soleil show a unique experience is it's use of theatrical characters in place of actual animals. We can't wait to see who's going to capture the essence of Bubbles and the rest of the animals from Jackson's Neverland ranch...

3. MJ on fire--literally

Although it's no laughing matter, we do know that the circus of the sun is no stranger to the use of pyrotechnics. We were hoping that they'd incorporate the infamous rehearsal where Michael's hair caught on fire while filming that Pepsi commercial to add drama to the show.

4. Captain EO moments!

Remember when Disneyland swapped out Captain E.O. for Honey I Shrunk the Audience in the mid-'90s? Well we're still a little miffed about that (even though they brought it back in 2010). I want to see the Cirque Du Soleil rendition of it because well, that's the only thing better than E.O. in 3D, right?

Tickets go on sale Nov. 6, 2010 for the tour which begins Oct. 2011. The show will make it's way to the Honda Center January 24, 2012. For more information visit Cirque du Soleil's official site.  


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