Colin Frangicetto, far left
Colin Frangicetto, far left
Emily Shur

Circa Survive's Guitarist Colin Frangicetto Shows Off His Ink

Circa Survive is co-headlining at tattoo-and-music festival MusINK at the OC Fairgrounds this Saturday (along with Thrice, interviewed for this week's print edition). In keeping with the theme, guitarist Colin Frangicetto sent over a couple of photos of his tattoos.

My favorite book of all time is Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson. This was the original cover art by the amazing Ralph Steadman. This book and image have so many meanings for me.

I got this while on Warped Tour 2006. I got the candle burning at both ends at the same time as Anthony [Green, Circa Survive singer]. We have matching tats. The tat came from a painting Anthony did and the idea that it was something we both had a tendency to do. It was a reminder to keep ourselves in check.

The letters PMA stand for "positive mental attitude" and was a phrase coined by one of my favorite bands, Bad Brains. I put the PMA below the candle and had the artist make the letters melt. It means that sometimes a fucked-up work ethic paired with that kind of lifestyle can effect my positivity.

Cute fact: if I hold Anthony's left hand with my right, our candles touch. How's that for innuendo? A lovely gentleman named Keith did the work.

This was a fun group tattoo that I and nine other people got at South By Southwest. It was another one spearheaded by Anthony. I've heard multiple explanations, but to me, they are ellipses. . . . And so the story continues, if you will. My brother got the outer two circles colored in and left the middle blank so ours make a pair. Other people I remember being involved are some gentlemen in Good Old War, Anthony and his wife, and possibly Cathy from Sargent House (but I can't be certain).

This was my first tattoo. It's artwork from the band Isis' first EP, Mosquito Control . I was obsessed both with the band and the concept of parasitic nature. I got it from a guy named Tony in State College, Pennsylvania while on a roadtrip to see Hatebreed [laughs].

Circa Survive play MusInk Tattoo Convention and Music Festival at the Orange County Fairgrounds, 88 Fair Dr., Costa Mesa. March 4-6. Visit website for show times. $25-$50.


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