Cinco great CD releases today!

Okay, let's pretend for a second that all you bloggers out there still buy albums (wink, wink). Well, in case you do, there is plenty of great Cinco de Mayo releases today. Number one on my list is Akron/Family's full-length Set 'Em Wild  Set 'Em Free. Released to considerable critical success, the band keeps working the experimental folk angle with shards of machine-born beats and the always epic harmonies of tacks like "Everyone Is Guilty". But there are certainly other noteworthy releases out of the 23 albums that were born into the public market today.

For one, you've got fellow folk rock aficionado Ben Harper and Relentless 7 who came out with White Lies For Dark Times. Those searching for dark, swirling psychedelics should pick up their copy of of Wavering Radiant by ISIS. Ziggy Marley fans have something to look forward to with the 40-year-old veteran's third solo album Family Time. Last but most certainly not least on my list The New York (mutha fuckin') Dolls have a new album out. Take a minute to let that sink in.

The album, Cause I Sez So, also got a little nostalgic behind the boards with help from legendary producer Todd Rundgren, who produced the band's self-titled debut album back in 1971. Well those are the ones at the top of my list for the day's best releases. Sorry, Elliot Yamin and Yusuf Islam (or Cat Stevens as I so fondly remember him), but this is only one man's opinion.

Anyway, here's a bit of  live goodness from Akron/Family for ya. It's the song "Everyone Is Guilty" from their latest album Set 'Em Wild Set 'Em Free. You should definitely check 'em out.


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