Cibelle Cavalli is perfect in every annoying way. Beautiful and funny, she once worked as a model and a comedian. Now she delivers a great debut album of Brazilian electronic music. What is she, a mutant?!? Probably. For one thing, her voice is almost too perfect—full and crisp enough to light up a somber cathedral—but the barely hidden sensual yearnings and promises of danger are what make Cibelle a classic femme fatale. Her music glistens with serious hipster cachet, seeing that it was sent through the remixer courtesy of Morcheeba's production team (frequently tweaked by bizarre sounds that nicely dirty up her bright smile), but on the whole, this is a record filled with absolutely scrumptious, adventurous Brazilian pop. Like a solid political platform, it's got something for everyone. Lead song "Deixa" is all beautiful, languorous yearning. "Hate," meanwhile, has a light, clever, pop flirtatiousness that most people only wish they had to attract the most intriguing of lovers. "Intil Paisagem" is classic bossa nova reinterpreted via DJ culture. There's even the bitter, disappointed balladry of "Pequeno Olhos." For those looking deeply for flaws, you'll be hard-pressed, for Cibelle is Brazilian DJ culture as crafted by Ikea: something about it may seem overly plastic and too shiny, but damn if the designs aren't fantastic.


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