Chris Brown at a Staples Center concert
Chris Brown at a Staples Center concert
Timothy Norris/LA Weekly

Chris Brown Won't Face Charges in Alleged Assault of a Woman at an Anaheim Nightclub

A woman alleged that Chris Brown shoved her earlier this summer during a June 22 concert at the Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, but the singer will not face charges stemming from that night. The city attorney's office declined to file according to a spokesperson quoted in the Los Angeles Times citing a review of evidence as a reason.

Anaheim Police also say that two women, who accompanied the accuser, Deanna Gines, when the alleged altercation occurred, failed to contact department detectives.

Royal Entertainment Inc., owners of the nightclub situated in the otherwise graveyard of commerce known as the Anaheim GardenWalk, and Brown still face a civil case in Orange County Superior Court. Parties are scheduled to appear before on judge on November 18, 2013 for a case management conference.

The entertainer, of course, was convicted of felony assault on then-girlfriend Rhianna in 2009. Gines claims that a shove from Brown sent her to the floor, injuring her knee and causing her distress. She further says that a Heat Ultra Lounge security guard kicked her out of the nightclub.

Footage of Gines limping in the parking lot of the GardenWalk afterward was released on TMZ's website just days after the concert night in question.

Brown is likely be back on corporate radio airwaves soon, appearing on "Crack," the lead single from rapper Lupe Fiasco's forthcoming Tetsuo and Youth album. Why, Lupe, why!

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