Chase Corum

Photo by James Bunoan The peerless Chase Corum works on the Balboa ferry, which, he'd like you to know, involves more than just going back and forth. He also runs the very small and very DIY record label Prime Directive and occasionally-to-frequently picks up work as a roadie.

Chase: I've been really into the Starvations. I like them because they're an OC punk band but they're not trying to sound like the Stitches, like every other OC punk band. And I like that whole Gun Club/early Pogues kinda deal that they have.

OC Weekly: The Starvations get mentioned a lot. People are starting to complain.

They're up and coming. And I'm really into this guy called Black Nasty. He's this white rapper. I don't know where he's from—I don't know anything about him. He raps about the most obscene shit ever—the CD demo thing is called AIDS Can't Stop Me, and it's obscene. Terrible. This guy we know who works at Vagrant Records gave it to us.

Did he give it to you because it was funny or terrible?

Both. He's actually kind of good, though. Just jaw dropping. There's a song called "Rudy Huxtable." A song about Anne Frank. It's so offensive. Everyone I know either loves or hates it.

So would you agree that Newport Beach is one of the least rock & roll towns in Orange County?

There are more bands out of Newport than people realize.

Sugar Ray?

Aren't the Fakes from Newport?

You're from Newport and you're pretty rock & roll, but you're the exception.

Yeah. Also I'm a big fan of Super Pollo, right by Tower Records and Del Taco. You never mention it in your Best of Food articles, and it always makes me angry that they're not getting the credit they deserve. I like to get the half-chicken combo with garlic lemon and butter, and I like the guacamole and they have Orange Bang on tap! Oh, and I like Mike McHugh a lot. He's a cool guy.

What else?

The Little Knight. It's hit-or-miss—if you go on a weeknight, it's nice, but on a Saturday, it's not. Detroit's getting better. The Blue Whales play there, and I like that band. I think everyone goes to Long Beach these days. I don't know—I've been trying to figure out where the hipsters go. Where "the turtlenecks" relocated after La Cave.

Do you get lots of chicks working on the ferry?

It was better back when I was younger because it seems like a lot of the girls that come across are younger, and now that I'm 25, I don't think it's very kosher to be hitting on a 17-year-old.

How do you feel about the nickname "Ferry Boy"?

I don't mind it. When people ask me what I've been doing, I'll say, "Hanging out with the ferry guys," and someone will chuckle. But I'm secure in my sexuality, so it doesn't really bother me.

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